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Two Minutes Hate

Today's hate: celebrities, irresponsibility and rehab.

I'm completely fucking sick of this tendency on the part of "the stars" to go hog-flippin'-wild, act in a manner that would get them whupped in the real world, and to just blow it off, generally getting only the barest slap on the wrist from the penal system. Regardless of what The Law may be, it's common knowledge that the more money/fame/power you have, the more you get away with. It's no wonder we don't trust the courts when the most visible people flout them in such manner. It's nice to see Paris Hilton actually doing a little time...though it must be nice to only do 45 days for her crime, and to be free to go out and do whatever you want until your sentence actually starts.

And don't get me started on the "rehab" thing. There was a time when going into rehab actually meant something, it meant you had a problem and were going to dry out, get over it (you know, the whole "rehabilitation" idea). These days, it's an excuse, a "get-me-off-the-hook" card to be played when you're busted. How many times did Britney Spears "check into rehab" and then leave within a day or so? What about Isaiah Washington (Grey's Anatomy), going into rehab for making gay slurs? Excuse me, but what the fuck was that supposed to be?

All this is brought to you today by the latest immaturity on the part of Lindsey Lohan, after the Memorial Day weekend in which she crashed her car, was busted for DUI and was later photographed passed out in a car...so now she's checking into rehab, of course. No, she's still not 21, but I bet she gets off the DUI pretty lightly, and I'm also gonna bet she's not in rehab very long, certainly not long enough to get over her drinking.
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