God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Let's See If This Works

Two different people have mentioned that posting by e-mail is apparently a
viable way of getting around the issues LJ is having with some people being
unable to post properly. This is my own little test to see if it works. My
apologies if this seems overly boring...it's nto exactly titillating for me
to type out thsi blather for no good reason, but I want to make sure this is
long enough that a normal posting would have failed.

So, let's see. Slow day thus far. Got in some CoV time this morning,
scarfed down some lunch while watching Shanghai Express (Samo Hung is
the MAN), and trying to get my laundry finished while catching up on an old
webcomic. The overcast skies and cool temperatures are a welcome break in
the warmer temperatures we've had lately, and I'm feeling particularly and
comfortably relaxed today, hanging around in nothing but some old cut-offs,
the windows open, a slight breeze passing through the front room,
and...oddly enough...Luciano Pavarotti's Nesson Dorma blasting out of
my stereo.

Speaking of cooler temperatures, the final test of the new cooler-running
Luciphage (my computer) was running CoH, as the one thing that generates
more heat than anything. Normally, as I fired it up, the fans woudl kick
over to high gear, and pretty much stay there until I shut it off. Today,
even on a 5-man team that included to Masterminds (and thus a fuckton of
pets) and 2 Electric Brutes (and thus, double the Lightning Fields), the
machine onlyrarely got hot enough to bother kicking the fans up at ALL.
yeah, this is the moment for the happy dance, join me!

OK, let's see what happens.

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