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The Further Adventures of ComCast Conundrums

So, talked to a new guy yesterday, who called to check on my situation. Confirmed that the problem is still happening (albeit less than it was), and he says he'll be out between 10-12 today. Right on schedule, he shows up...at 9:10.

I swear, I don't think any of those guys ever talks to any other one, and none of them read anything they've been given about a case. Right off the bat, he says "So, hear you're having a problem with your wireless!" Holy fucking Jesus, I have not now nor have I ever had a problem with my wireless connection, I've never CLAIMED to have a problem with my wireless connection, I don't even USE my wireless connection. I admit, I went from zero to hatred in no time flat, and I snapped. Didn't mean to, but I did, and I immediately apologized to the guy. Not his fault, after all, not really.

Anyway, for the eighth or so time, I explained the actual problem. I tossed in as much detail as I could. I told him what I'd done so far, what the other tech had done, what we'd tried over the phone, what I'd been told, what I'd figured out, what I'd had to tell previously before (frankly, I'm impressed with my memory; I can't tell you what I did yesterday, but I remembered all of this, go figure), on and on. I think he understood why I was so annoyed, after hearing it all.

He sits down, starts on the machine. I did what I consider to be an admirable job of staying relaxed, etc. (we all know what I am like with machine issues, especially when someone else is working on it). He seems surprised that I have TCP/IP 6 installed...frankly, so am I. He pokes around, and of course, the issue doesn't happen while he's here. He wonders aloud why they are always scheduled to come out here in the morning, when it never happens then...I grin, seeing that someone else feels my pain. Then, in my Network Connections, he looks at the Network Bridge and decides it doesn't need to be there, and goes to remove it.

Changes being made to my system. Frank holds on to something. Frank grips tighter when tech mentions that this shouldn't be taking this long, this is strange. Frank begins to twitch. Tech brings up the Task Manager to close it out, and in doing so, crashes Explorer. Frank begins calculating 99 ways for this man to die. Tech reboots the system, Network Bridge is not connected, and gets removed. Frank mentally crosses out half of those plans, and calmly asks for an explanation for what he just did and why. Tech does a very good job of explaining it, Frank crosses off most of the rest of his list and files the few remaining ways away in That File.

In the end, Tech gets two command windows running, one pinging the router and one pinging DNS. Basically, we'll just let them run, and if the drop-out happens again, we'll be able to see if I can hit the router during the lag. If I can't hit the router, then the issue is something between the router and the machine. If I CAN hit the router but not DNS, then it's beyond the router. Seems to me that the issue happening simultaneously with my machine and Dianna's means it's not between my machine and the router, and they just replaced the router with a new one to test this, so the issue HAS to be beyond my router, but hey, I understand, we need proof. So, fine, those little windows can just ping away in the background, I don't care.

Who knows. I'm so fucking tired of this, it's not funny. I've got too many little things screwing with my life right now, and while they may be minor compared to some of yours...and I will be the first to admit this...they are there and they pile up and this is my life, minor though it may be, it's what I have.

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