God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

FriendTest Results

OK, the last person I hoped would take the 'friendtest' thingy did, and so I'm closing it out, and posting the answers.

1. What Is Chaos's middle name? Howard...abou a third of you knew that.

2. What religion does Chaos tip his hat to? All of them...most of you figured that out.

3. What rank martial artist is Chaos? About a third of you knew I am a black belt (in Tae Kwon Do)

4. How many of the 10 Commandments has Chaos broken? I'm pleased to announce that over 2/3 of you guys feel I am not as corrupt as I really am, thank you! (The answer is 10, incidently.)

5. What brand of tequila does he drink like a fish? Overwhemlingly, most of you guys knew I drink Tarantula.

6. What tattoo does Chaos have? All but a couple of you knew it is the 8-rayed star. Surprisingly, no one guessed 'tribal', which will be next.

7. What is Chaos's obsession? Most of you knew that I am obsessed with all the choices there.

8. What stuffed animal sits on Chaos's computer at work? Just over a third of you knew that mighty stuffed Cthulhu sits on my computer...funny part is that the only choice that NO ONE chose was 'drunken donkey', who really does sit NEXT to my computer!

9. What is Chaos's weird obsession on females? A few of you were aware that I am obsessed with the idea of a woman with a cat tail.

10. How many godchildren does Chaos have? Only 3 of you knew I have 3 godchildren...but I couldn't make them all easy, now could I?

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