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Some of you may have heard that Apple released a version of it's "Safari" browser for Windows. Apple was proud and even a little smug about how secure it was. However, it took less than two hours after it's release for engineers to shoot it to shit.

Apple Has A Worm (figuratively)
Errata Security engineer David Maynor had a report posted on the first vulnerability he found by 1:48 pm, complete with screenshots of the pre-crash letdown dialog. As he admitted, it wasn't a difficult crash to find, posting a screen shot of the memory dump revealing both a stack corruption and an access violation.
The problem seems to be that engineers obviously designed Safari to take advantage of security protocols in the OS X operating system, as evidenced by function calls to those protocols located inside the source code for the Windows version - calls which would obviously go unfulfilled. Kind of a stupid move, if you ask me.

It's easy to talk about what a great swimmer you are in a calm pool. You go jump in the ocean, you better know what you are doing. In the mean time, you should be using Firefox, anyway. Still the best on the block.

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