God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

What's The Big Deal?

As times change, standards change. We all know this. Now, we are at a point where even in America, where freedom and expression is somehow mixed with an odd Puritanical prudery, a woman can be topless on TV, provided she has her hands over her nipples. You know the stance I mean.

Now...really, what is this hiding? The breasts are quite obvious at that point, so are we trying to say that the nipples are too much? And, again, which is more prurient, a woman whose breasts are visible, or a woman who is feeling herself up? ;)

It will be a fine, fine day when America gets over it's infantile obsession with nudity and accepts that skin and body parts are simply what they are. Any sexual connotation you have with them is YOURS. I'm not saying that I can't look at a great rack and think "yowza" because, let's face it, I do. However, this doesn't make me bad, nor does it increase the chances of my committing some crime or "sin" (hate to use that term, but you follow).

The more you make something taboo, the MORE likely it will be pursued and focused upon. This really isn't that hard to understand. Many countries have shown that getting over this kind of thing DOES make a difference. Still, as long as the US is obsessed with killing everything in sight, it's a moot point...but an important one.

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