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Double XP Weekend, baby.

Didn't think I was gonna be able to hit all of the "2XP" time, but, since divinemissb will be prepping for her trip, my normal Friday night game was cancelled. More City time for me!

The weekend looks like it will break down thusly:
Friday, day: Nothing specific planned, Might work up some small alts, like Saxon Violence (BS/Inv Scrapper, Liberty), Hillside Thicket (Dark/Dark Defender, Justice), and Billiard Ball (FF/Energy Defender, Infinity)

Friday, night: Fish Fri! Ghost Shrimp (Blade/SR Stalker, Victory) will join his fellow sea creatures for mayhem and fun.

Saturday, all: Hoping to work on QT3.14 (Bots/Traps MM, Infinity) with other members of the Pentacle Coalition. Depends on who is on, when. If not, then it might be time to work up some of my Justice villains, like Cooler Than Jesus (Ice/Cold Corrupter), Thornbane (Plant/Thorn Dominator), or Terrorvision (Zombie/Dark MM), or I could get some work done on my healer, Doctor Nighttime (Emp/Dark Defender, Justice). Poor guy hasn't got much play in a while.

Sunday, all: Have to go to the farm in the morning, but plannign on staying as short a time as I can. Hoping for Sunday-Go-To-Meeting with my fellow "Champions of Breakfast", which means I'll be playing The Juice Lord (Storm/Psi Defender, Virtue). Depending on when this happens, I might take some time to start up a new little project that I've been discussing with some other in-game friends.
Busy times, indeed. Game addiction is a bitch. ;)

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