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Friday Pix

It's summer[1], baby. Time to get your pasty white flesh out in the sun...or, keep it inside, away from that ball of fire in the sky. If that's you, then enjoy the Friday Pix!

"OK, I had a plan when I got in here...."

Congratulations, it's a zombie!

Addiction is an ugly thing.




Preserving our proud Native American heritage

"Cannibal Holocaust", the after-school special

Ah, for the days when getting this messy while you ate was no big deal.

"Chase me on horseback, huh...oh, this time, I got those bastards, I'll sue the pants off 'em..."


"Hey, I just followed the plans you gave me..."

Rat. It's What's For Dinner.

"OK, this time I will break that land speed record..."

"I got it!"..."No, I got it!"

This is entirely too creepy.

"Dad, what's THAT guy doing?!?"

Great Photoshop work there, jackass.


Here's a guy that simply will NOT get lost.

Ah, life among the Beautiful People.

"...and no jibba-jabba, fool!"

Hey, man, never get high on your own supply.

And that's just about it for this week's Friday Pix. Hope it was everything you hoped it would be. Gonna leave you with one little extra, though, it's the new Interactive Version of The Friday Pix! As you leave, play along at home and caption one!

*Insert caption in comments*

[1]Those of you in the Southern Hemisphere may ignore this with impunity.

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