God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Hmm. So, I wake up, everything's fine. Brush teeth, grab my clothes, head downstairs...and my knee starts a-yowling. Dunno why, hurts like a sonuvabitch. This is not good, as I'm supposed to go ride this morning. Sit here for a bit, get up to go to the bathroom, still hurts. Now, not hurting anymore. ?!? I shouldn't complain, but it makes me wonder. *Led Zeppelin moment*

Awful tired this morning. Probably because I didn't truly get to sleep until 2:30 this morning.

Watched the first half of Ultraviolet yesterday. Second half of the series will be today. Damn, it's good.

It's funny, I'm at about level 48.5 with Ghost Shrimp, and I'm losing all motivation to play him. Not sure why, I think it'as because there's really nothing to look forward to, now, beyond a long, slow grind. I've gotten the things I wanted to earn, the only goal left is to hit that magic 50. Anything else I want to do with him takes a whole team, and that takes scheduling. I've been more likely to play smaller alts...which is OK, just odd.

Speaking of alts, I've been working on QT3.14 more lately, and I realize I've fucked him up. Basically, I respecced him to change the build, sold all the old enhancements, and am a level shy of new SOs...so he's almost completely unslotted right now. His powers are weak! If I can hang in there until I level again, I should be able to get all new SOs and he'll be better, but I see some things I should have done differently in his build. Don;'t want to scrap him and redo, though, so I'll just hang in there.

On the alt front, chaosreality and I have built the beginnings of the new Gambini Crime Family. Here's hoping we can convince some more good and trustworthy players to join up.

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