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And Why, Exactly?

What is it that is so scary about the human body? Why are so many people so afraid of seeing, it, and why is it such a bad thing? I mean, really now, it's skin, and we all have it. Just because there are, what, two parts different (one up, one down), is this cause to go screaming for the hills, either trying desperately not to see or howling bloody murder at anyone who does?

I'll never really get it. It seems so basic to me. Beyond the fact that it's not a big deal, it's a well-known fact that humans are curious animals. You tell us we can't do something, and by golly, we're gonna do it. So, make sex and nudity taboo, and all you really do is make sure the porn industry will ALWAYS thrive. As a counter-example, look at booze. The government made it illegal, and what happened? Very little. A few years of wasted police time and a rise in organized crime, and they gave up and repealed the act. Alcohol is now not that big a deal; yes, there are always people who abuse it and screw up, but these are a minority, over all. The issue in those cases is not the booze, but the drinker.

So, skin. It's so bad that a purely natural process such as breastfeeding your child can cause outcry (yes, we all remember the brouhaha over the icons). Why? It's a breast, kids, get over it. We started life sucking on a couple, and the majority of us still like a lick from time to time (and if you don't that's fine). What's the big deal? The more of an issue you make of it, the more of an issue it will be. Like it or not, your child is going to have sex. It's gonna happen. It might be with a partner you approve of...and it might not. In the end, which is the most important, that they do what you want them to do, or that they are smart enough that you don't have to worry about what they are doing? (*EDIT: I really hope you answered 'B', because if you didn't, well, you bother me. A lot.*)

What brought all this on? I keep up with BME's "ModBlog" via LJ's RSS feed (wow, that's a sentence full of obscurity!). For those of you who have no clue what I'm talking about, BME is the "Body Modification Ezine", an online source for all things Body Mod, from as simple as tattoos and piercings to, well...yikes. Those with weak stomachs should probably avoid it. Anyway, they keep up a daily "ModBlog" with photos of various works, and while I see a lot of them and just shake my head, sadly, there are plenty others that I marvel at the work. Plenty of times, the photo they post (no surprise, here) is either NSFW (and why you'd be perusing this at work is beyond me) or just a tad on the squick-producing side. Interested parties can find the LJ RSS feed at bme_modblog.

So, a post from today shows off someone's recent cutting, healing nicely ("cutting" for the uninitiated is removing thin strips of the upper layers of skin in a pattern or design, leaving a scar as it heals). The cutting is of a flower blossom, and is done on the pubic mound of a young lady who has about 14 various piercings. They posted a pic, with a link to a clearer view. Looking over the two pictures...

Picture 1 -- Picture 2 - Do I really have to tell you these are NSFW?

If you're at work and skittish about clicking the pics, the first shows her torso, starting from the bottom of her ribcage and ending just above the top of her vulva, not actually showing anything, while the second pic (the original) ends just a little lower just below the crotch. In both pictures, her pubic mound, shaved and with the Japanese flower design, is clearly visible.

I was, in a weird sort of way, shocked. The difference between the pictures is negligible, really. One just implies the existence of what we know is there, and it's certainly not the focus of the image. Is this what the fuss is about? That small fold of skin? (I'm not trying to denigrate the organ, ladies.) It's just kills me to see, day after day, how much hooplah happens in this country over crap like this. In comparison, look at plenty of over modern, civilized countries, and their attitudes towards it. What seems to crop up more and more is a more relaxed attitude to skin...but, interestingly enough, more of a turned up nose to violence.

Think on that, will ya? And relax. It's just flesh.

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