God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll


OK, here we are, Tuesday morning of the "everyone's home" week. Not so bad, actually (yet, ha ha). Let's play catch-up on the Life O'Frank...

We begin on Sunday, at the farm. Not too bad, though I get tired of hearing the same Ray-shitting-himself-and-falling-down-at-12:30am story pretty quickly. I'm also a little annoyed that Steve is the one that ends up on the grill all the time now, not me, and that makes me feel replaced...and the food's not as good, and he never cleans the grill. Before lunch is ready, Dianna has a MAJOR mood shift, and I bring her home. Rest of the day is kinda slow, which is probably for the best.

Monday passes on. Honestly, I spent most of it playing Neverwinter Nights again. Erik had a friend come over to hang out and spend the night, so he was occupied most of the time, which was good. At some point, a yawned and stretched and it felt like the side of my jaw tore something; this has happened before, but every time, it's very freaky and a little scary. It's still sore, thanks for asking. Stayed up way too late, didn't sleep well, had really strange dreams.

Now, we come to this morning. No one else is awake yet, so the place is quiet. Turned on my machine this morning and immediately its' making this buzzing/grinding sound...needless to say, I had a fuckin' heart attack. Narrowed it down quickly to the front impeller fan. Reached in with a pen to see if I could figure anything out, and after a couple touches (each of which changed the sound a little) it quit. All's fine now....*shrug* Guess I just gotta keep an eye on it. Tax time next year, new machine, period. I've been keeping this monster working for a while, and it's not bad, but damn, sure would be nice to have a new system, one that stays cool without 4 extra fans and the case side off, updated graphics and all. We'll see, I guess.

So, Tuesday. At some point, we'll drop off Erik's friend, then it'll be back to Erik staring off into space. We have the stuff and the plans to do a little "kids' science project" doorbell thing, so he and I will do that at some point. Wednesday will be more of the same. Thursday/Friday will be just Dianna here. Weekend means things are back to normal.

Just hang in there, right?

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