God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll


So, OK, I'm finally tired enough of seeing this that I gotta say something. Is the present "younger" generation completely incapable of using the timer function on their digital cameras?

Ever since the 'Net became easily accessible, people have posted pix of their mugs everywhere they can find a place to squeeze it in. With the advent of blogs and so-called "social networking' sites, it got worse. Camera phones and instant sharing put it all over the top. Now, that's fine, post/share/mail your pictures into oblivion, feel free, it's your prerogative. I'm just dumbfounded as to the fact that it seems 99% of them lately are people in front of a mirror, holding the camera.

It's not as if you have to be worried about how the pic comes out. It's digital. At no time will you have to say "well, damn, wasted that one." If it sucks, you delete it and go again. I can't understand why these kids (there, I'm old, I said it) can't see the flash glares in these pictures, or the hideous condition of the mirror, or the fact that, half the time, the camera is OBSCURING part of the damn picture!

Yes, I know this isn't exactly a big deal. I'm not making a big deal out of it, I just don't understand it. If it was a few doing this, I'd put it down to the few that are foolish in any group of people...but it appears to be the norm. Now, I could be tempted into saying that this means the vast majority are foolish...

EDIT: The universe got a kick out of that. No sooner do I post than someone links to a 'gallery of amateur self-portraits (NSFW)' and EVERY DAMN ONE OF THEM is displaying this situation. I also find it funny how many of them seem completely bored with themselves. Funny, so am I.

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