God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Well, no headache this morning, but then, it did rain last night, making the air more humid, which probably helped. Couldn't seem to stay asleep, kept waking up every couple hours.

Strange dreams about cars and trees...So, there's me and polarbear out in the woods. Dunno what we were doing there, but we came to a clearing which was just downhill form the roadway, and we were specifically looking at a couple of trees. polarbear said something about taking them out, or at least moving them, and we set to work with the tools we had and the truck that was apparently close. We weren't digging them up or cutting them down, though, we were measuring them, or something. In digging near one, though, I found a chunk of plastic, seemed like part of a machine. So, I dug further, until I was looking into a hollow, muddy spot under one of the trees, where there were circuit boards and a fluorescent light fixture (upside-down, on the ground in the mud), as well as lots of wiring. polarbear looked at it, too, but neither of us knew what it was.

Around this time, we had others there as well, at least one of which was a cop. I got sidetracked talking to people, when there was a huge movement beside me and I thought one of the trees was falling. Turns out that polarbear had put some supports under one of the trees, and shoved it hard to the uphill side of the clearing to keep it from falling over. It was now at a crazy angle to the ground, but it wasn't falling, so we called it good. A voice form up at the roadway got my attention, so I trudged up the hill with someone else.

There was a woman here, agitated and upset but not too distraught. She seemed kinda mousy, thin and dishevelled, about what you'd expect form a timid college English teacher, maybe. She was asking for help with her car, she'd had a problem and "none of the Sisters could get it started again." We went across the street to a white brick house where a small, sporty car (but not new, I remember thinking it was late 70's-looking) was slightly crashed into the wall. One of the floor mats was under the hood, which made me worry that it was damage more than it looked. Climbing into the driver's seat, I found the steering wheel on the passenger seat, and carefully put it back into place, hoping it would be OK. Somehow, it started up, and we pulled out onto the road, her in the back seat, this other person riding shotgun. We drove off, uphill, and I confirmed that she wanted it taken to the bottom of the mountain. As we drove, there were people in the walking in the road, and a child broke away form them and ran, down the hill, right towards the car, swerving out of the way at the last second (the kid kinda reminded me of harriet_m_welsh's son Tristan, only taller). I said something about foolish kids in the road, turned right...

...and woke up.

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