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Friday Pix

Hey, we all had our addictions this week, mine was the big update to City of Heroes, most of you had the new Harry Potter book. Well, I put down mine to come here today...

Man, raining like you wouldn't believe...

Yes, this is a real person, and she's got an incredibly well-adjusted life and a good attitude and outlook. (video link)

Godzilla seems to have lost his rubber ducky.

In the off-season, Cupid lets himself go, but around November, he starts getting back into shape.

Cat-apple-strophe (hey, YOU try coming up with 20+ captions every week...)

OK, so he didn't like that last caption, either.

Practical jokes of backhoe operators.

All together, now: awwwwww

Just thought this was cool

Cat stew!

I'd totally have this as my tomb.

You expected an otter to have a hot tub?

It's a side of Yanni we haven't seen.

"Uh, sir, I think reports of the enemy may have been a little...off."

My class pictures were never this cool.

Save some for me!

This is not going to end well.

Smokey and the Bandit 4: Bandit Fights Back

You wake me up this way, you better run. Fast.

I can't decide if I want to punch this person in the mouth, or grab that thing, use it like a door knocker, and ask if anyone's home...and then punch him in the mouth.

Ah-ha, I knew I was walking funny.

Jungle love, yeah, o-we-o-we-o

Aaaaaaand, we go out with a double-whammy on the cuteness scale...

That's enough for now. I simply cannot stay off my bloody game any longer.

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