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You Know Your An LJ Addict When...

...you glance at the clock, and realize not only has it been 24 hours since your last post (which means you actually kept track of it), but also that if you don't post in the next few minutes, there'll be no post for that day...sad, huh?

Well, caliban gets out of the Big House tomorrow. Will be good to see him again..and i know he'll be happy to be out,and home...and back at his computer!

Obviously missed GWAR...no money left over after I paid all the bills. But I'll get that money back, and some other money owed, and my bonus, and my retro-payraise, and my normal paycheck Friday...WOOT!!!! If it comes to as much as I think, I'm buying a car, and fixing the Magdalene.

Spent some time in the last couple of days making covers for the compilations I burned...wanna see? These are done for print size, so they are kinda large, but what the hell. Not bad for just slapping some shit together...but I know I can do better. Have to see what happens with the next CD.

2 weeks...countdown...

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