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Fuck The Pain

Lately, been having recurring pain in my neck and left shoulder. Not sure why, probably has a lot to do with bad posture, or how I sleep. Last night, sitting around, my neck hurt so bad I had to quit everything I was doing and lay down, trying to support it as best as I could. Went to bed, and couldn't sleep for hours, due to the pain. Finally did sleep a little, woke up, waited and waited to go back to sleep, and then had some really weird dream.

Don't recall much of it, but I know I was at some cabin or relatively open-style house in the woods. There were a lot of people there, like a gathering or reunion, lots of kids, too. I know I walked around a lot, and helped someone who was lost, and righted a vehicle that was stuck or something. Ended up in a room, on the floor, with someone that I was really mad at. Not sure why, but I was hollering at them to leave, that they were out, they were to leave right then, and as they crawled out the door, dravengodvamp poked his head in, and I remember saying, "man, if I ever needed you around, it's now"...

Anyway, woke up, it was 4:30am. Decided sleep and me just weren't on speaking terms, got about half-dressed and came downstairs. Ended up passing out on the couch, and woke up and Dianna came down, looking for me about 5:30am. Ended up back in bed until 8-ish.

I've got some pain meds in me, and about to go rub some Biofreeze into my neck, see if that helps. This really sucks...guess I'll plan on taking a nap later.

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