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Friday Pix

OK, I'm headed out to get some exercise on this lovely, overcast morning, but before I go, here's the Friday Pix!

Yes, that car is covered in leather.

Ooh, is it time for the Annual Giant Lollipop Festival again?

I'm guessing he doesn't get stuck very often.

"You shoulda seen it, that damn banana was this big!"

I split up the cute this time, to save you from exploding.

Watch that last step...

Hey, nice pair o' boobies!

Not a happy kitty.

Well, you see, when two trees love each other very much...

Little known fact: Jason loves pudding pops.

Cuteness factor 10

Polar bears swing dance, too

"Hey, we said the balcony was a feature, we didn't say you could get to it."

A good canoeing partner is essential.

So, you got a tattoo in the middle of your chest...of yourself...with the same dumb expression. Riiiiiight, OK....

You couldn't wait 2 minutes to take the family picture?

The handicapped want to crowd-surf, too, dammit. In other news, does anyone else remember Bolt-Thrower? 'Cause I loved 'em.

Bicycle wedding

This whole 'airport security' thing is out of hand.

I'm not sure anyone looks cool when a pic is snapped as they dance.

OK, you loonies, time to get back to work. Though, if you don't want to go, just tell your boss I gave you the day off.


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