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Apparently, I was in New Orleans.

Seems I was working in some shop, but I don't think it was permanent, maybe just helping out for a bit. The place closed, and I went for food with several other people. Part of this is very fuzzy, but I recall waiting in line, and giving some change to another of our party, though it wasn't much. I guess I gave up on the food and went walking, because next thing I know, I have entered some store, mostly empty, kind of a combination movie/comic/cheap toy and knick-knack kinda place. I had some long object with me, but it wasn't anything important. The woman who ran the place came over to talk to me, and seemed impressed with my knowledge of movies, obscure things I'd seen, etc., and then walked away. I checked the rest of the store, browsing aimlessly, and finally decided I either wasn't going to get anything or couldn't afford it. Dropping the long object, I hung around just long enough to not distract her when I told her goodbye, and left.

The town didn't LOOK like New Orleans, and in my dream it was never specifically defined that way, but I knew that's where I was. Oddly enough, when I came out of this place, it was snowing, but not for long. I knew one thing: I was lost. Sort of. I couldn't be far from where things would be familiar though, so I took out my cell phone and tried to get Google Maps to load. Many links later, I gave up, deciding I could figure it out. Crossing a street against the lights, I dodged around a bus and a car with an angry driver and continued walking. Just about the time I hit a street I knew, my phone rang.

I was in the city with at least one other person, who was calling me. The gist of the phone call was that they had failed at the contest in which she was competing. I guess she'd not made it to the finals and she wasn't too happy about it. I told her I'd meet her back at the hotel, and that I was heading that way right now. I found myself in front of a bar and grill that I knew, and I remembered times spent in there with friends. I went inside to see if I knew anyone, and was struck by how crowded it was and how I recognized no one. Soon, though, I saw a short, blonde lady who I knew, and managed to get next to her and get her attention. She was happy to see me, and we got a table to talk about old times.

I don't recall the convo. I remember her telling me she was going to working on the restoration project of the Hindenburg, and I was surprised, as someone else I knew back home, who looked almost exactly like this woman, was also going to be working on that project. I also recall saying something about being here for the last couple days, and apologizing for not stopping in sooner, and that I was going to try and get this chick I was in town with to stay one more day. The rest of the convo is gone, though at one point, a waitress came along to move a bench which was bolted to the floor...so she simply tore up part of the wooden floor to do it.

Somehow, I'm next in a Jeep-style vehicle, packed full of people, and another larger vehicle is following us. Not sure where we're going, but I ask if an upcoming dirt road is the way to someone's place. They confirm this, and stop to drop me of at the fork in the road. I say good-bye to everyone, mostly young ladies and a couple toddlers, and something got out with me. I say something, because though I knew it and was familiar with it as a friend, it was, by all appearances, a large eyeball. As the Jeeps made a large U-turn to head away, I asked the eyeball how far it was to this other place, and it responded that it was three miles. I flagged down the Jeeps and told them I wasn't going to make the eyeball roll all the way there and back, he's get all dirty. The Jeeps rolled into the water nearby, and we had to haul them out by hand and load everyone back in.

Then I woke up. I'm one big sore spot today.

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