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All weekend, I try to be a good parent and set a good example for my TV-zombie stepson, and I don't log into the game. Finally, I get to today, and...man, I dunno if it's the people (or lack thereof), or I'm just this tired, but I just can't seem to care.

Oh, and, of course, s soon as I manage to get some momentum, the cable connection dies. AGAIN. *sigh*

Just not a great day. not bad, just nto great. Gonna go knock back a root beer and watch C.H.U.D. and maybe pass out for an hour or two. Here's hoping Day, Part II gets better.

Meanwhile, all of you should take ten minutes and watch this. A short bit of animation by BLUR, who do incredible work. Screw Pixar, these guys impress me. This is a film they recently did, called A Gentleman's Duel. Imagine, if two Victorian men battled for their lady's honour...with steampunk mecha...

EDIT: Well, damn. Looks like the vid got pulled. Too bad, too; first off, it was fucking fantastic, and secondly, it was nothing but advertising for them. I have no idea where that film can be seen now, or where it was originally going to be, etc. *shrug* You can see trailers for it on Blur's site, but the actual film seems to be nowhere to be found now. Screenshots and a great article about it can be seen here. Glad I snagged the film before they killed it.

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