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Screw You And Your Advertising Ways

So...you remember how they gave all paid accounts 1 free day to make up for the few hours of downtime, not long ago? Yeah, that was nice. Always nice when they give you something for free, huh?

Like now, it's just about "back to school" time, and LJ has come up with a bunch of new "virtual gifts" such as a lunchbox, an apple with a worm, a mix tape, nerd glasses, a gold star, a detention slip...handcuffs and a brain in a jar?!? Oh, why not.

And, what's more, they gave all paid members a 1-dollar credit towards them...and since they cost a buck, that means you get to send one for free. Ain't that nice? Don't ya wanna send me, um, a brain in a jar?

Oh, but wait, there's more, and this is the part you'll REALLY like. Did you know that PepsiCo has made a new Pepsi cola drink with zero calories, ginseng and extra caffeine, called Diet Pepsi MAX? You haven't? Well, now you have...and to help advertise it, there are three Diet Pepsi MAX v-gifts that you can send fro free! In fact, you can send 10 of them free, per week, until September 15th! Don't ya want to just deluge your friends with advertising?!? I mean, there's 3 new Diet Pepsi MAX themes for your journal and a mood theme now, if you're, you know, a COMPLETE CORPORATE SHILL, but think of it, you can forcibly embed advertising into your friends' profiles! How tragically hip!

Yeah, how about a big Fuck You to that.

Tell ya what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna send all ten of them, every damn week, to barakb25. Who's that? Why that's Barak Berkowitz, Chairman and CEO of Six Apart. Make sure he feels loved and knows how much I appreciate this craperoo.

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