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Friday Pix

....aaaand here we go, once again, on that amazing thrill-ride, the Friday Pix. Some say it's like that proverbial roller-coaster, it that it goes up and down and is thrilling; other say it is so because it makes them sick. Hey, me, I'm just the fat, sweaty bastard running the ride.

Arriving at the saloon, the Suburb Kid dismounts his ride to head inside for a tall, cool glass of milk.

Face to face, but worlds apart. (*sigh* that looks just like the dog I had in Memphis...)


"Well, we planted the tree, but it really needed the afternoon sunlight..."

The snow brings out this grill's inner pirate.

Tiny frog

Someone is not happy.

Someone else is not happy.

Go away, this is MY jungle.

Cloud front coming in...

You can bet this guy's amps go to eleven.

When Animals Drink Too Much, next on the Discovery Channel.

"Yeah? Not so funny now, huh?"

"...and with this model, you never have to worry about being in a crash."

Leg straps? Is this a potty trainer or a torture device?

Grand High Shah of the Big Hat Tribe

Pan never caught up with the advance of modern society.

"I think you should have left that last screw in, Bob."

Kung Foolish

It's hard to web-swing with a bag that heavy.

Death Takes A Holiday

The ad copy for this one on the website says "bring a shovel."

Bet they feel stupid for all the landscape work they did, now.

No arms, and still hunting. Great, you can bring down a a deer but you still can't scratch your balls.

Well, that's mildly disturbing.

OK, that's it, ride's over. Watch your step exiting, and come back and see us real soon. If you need to puke, don't do it on the llama, please. Next!


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