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OK, I don't really feel like posting this, but I've gotta get it out of my head...it's just memories that are getting to me today.

I've been missing Adam lately. He was the younger of Cha's 2 boys (he turned 2 while we were together). Ian (3 1/2) was cute, very cute, and unfortunately he's been told that for so long that he knows it intrinsically, and uses it to his advantage. He basically drove me nuts half the time, and he didn't listen well, even when I knew he knew what he was doing (trust me, i have a pretty good idea what to expect from a child that young). But Adam, well, he was young enough that that hadn't happened. And he was the first to start calling me Daddy, of his own volition. And that meant a lot to me. He loved me, more so than he loved Chamblin, I think. I got to be there for his first steps. And I took great pride in raising him, teaching him, playing with him, and caring for him. Ian, well, I had the same pride for, but Adam returned that in a way only a tiny child can. Besides, ian was Chamblin's favorite, and he responded to that, and maybe I rebelled against that, I'm not sure. But Adam was my favorite, I *DO* know that. I even loved being up and o-dark-thirty, holding him, singing him back to sleep, the works. The thought of him being "taken care of" and rasied by Chamblin downright saddens and scares me.

And I miss him terribly.

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