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Friday Pix

I dedicate today's Friday Pix to cenobitten, on what would have been her birthday. Still miss ya, Cyn.

Commuting on the train can be a pain.

Way cool stairwell

Not a good shortcut


Damn, baby got back.

Spork Dress!

The irony of the boat's name amuses me.

Do not deviate from the flight path.

Killin' Time

...because babies in bubbles are always cute. Well, almost always.

"I guess you're all wondering why I called you here today..."

#15 in the series of The World's Most Annoying Roads

Tiny turtle!

He made it to the semi-finals, but the competitor from Osaka was not fated to win the World Limbo Championship

This is what you get for not wearing a helmet. Oh, and for being a jackass.

Should have used Depends™

Baby Guinea pigs!

"Mom got implants?!?"

Jobs go easier when you share them with a friend

You think this is bad, she has Risk™ tattooed on her butt.

It's art! It's ventilation! It's both!

Yes, that's a prosthetic leg.

Yes, that's a prosthetic beak.

A minor dimensional rift causes these useless stairs. Don't touch them.

I never figured out what the crowns in the car windows meant...what the Hell do chicken-foot fetishes mean?!?

And that's enough for today. I bet Cyn would have loved these. I'll see ya again one day, soul-sister.


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