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Oh, and today I accomplished something that would mean very little to most of you, but which made me feel pretty damn good.

For you CoH players, you have heard me talk about how I cannot play a Tanker to save my damn life. Well, today, Interstellar Trucker tanked an even-con 8-man Frostfire mission on Invincible, and came out with only two deaths, one of them from a Shadow Cyst Crystal spawn, so I don't count that one as much. ;) Admittedly, I had a Sonic Def shielding me and an Empath who stuck to me like white on rice. Still, I managed to herd well, hold aggro, and even recover things after the Peacebringer and the Storm 'troller on the team scattered my mobs every damn fight. I came off like a Tank that knew what he was doing. Felt fuckin' great.

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