God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll


Stolen from discordian:

Open-minded: Very...3 tries, tight?
Arrogant: I've been accused of it, yeah...but I'm just that damn good.
Insecure: Only very rarely.
Determined: Hell yes...when I want something, there's no turning my head.
Musically talented: Only vocally.
Interesting: I don't think so, but some do.
Casual: I'm so casual, I'm nearly comatose.
Friendly: Completely...but apparently I SEEM unapproachable.
Social: With some.
Socially noticed: More than I realized, it seems.
Underestimated: Frequently.
Unmotivated: Only when bored.
Procrastinating: Only when unmotivated.
Strong: Quite.
Special: To someone...
Gifted: *I* think so.
Smart: Very.
Moody: More than I care to deal with sometimes.
Childish: When I'm happy.
Independent: No.
Up for a challenge: Always.
Hard working: Most of the time.
Organized: Not really...but I always know where everything is.
Healthy: Mostly.
Emotionally stable: Moreso recently.
Shy: Never.
Difficult: Occasionally.
Lacking vocabulary skills: LOL...I'm not called 'That Wordy Bastard' for nothing!
Aware: Most of the time.
Bored easily: Nope.
Messy: 'Creative Minds Are Rarely Tidy.'
Gullible: Only in one arena...
Responsible: Quite.
Obsessed: Frequently.
Angry: Only when crossed...or witnessing abuse.
Sad: Only when hurt.
Happy: Most of the time.
Convincing: *S*...I'm the one who was able to half-convince someone that peanut butter came from little Mexican beasts.
Careful: sometimes.
Trusting: Too much, in one arena.
Contradicting: Nope, just confusing.
Careless: Not if I can help it.
Schizophrenic: Nope. We're fine.
Ill: Yes, and licensed to be so.
Talkative: Very.
Curious: About everything.
Indecisive: Never.
Legal: As far as the law is concerned.
Original: I try to be.
Different: It appears so.
Unique: Damn right.
Ignored: Never.
Reliable: Very.
Content: Never totally content...
Optimistic: Much more lately.
Polite: *G*...Southern Gentleman upbringing.
Deep thinker: Very.
Self-disciplined: Yes.
Sleepy: Not at the moment.
Lonely: Also, not at the moment
Mortal: Not if I can help it.
Regretful: Only once.

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