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Today, I start sketching. Considering I'm not that kind of artist, this should be interesting, but I am determined not to let it get to me. I suppose I should mention what I'm talking about, huh? I'm participating in a comics jam. For the uninitiated, this is basically a group of people, each one writing and drawing one page of a comic book, then handing off to the next one, etc. Each page's art will be different, and no one really knows where the story will go, in the end. Collaborative fun! Feel free to check it out if the mood strikes you. (*Side note: Miller, use this picture instead.*)

cobie got the idea to host one, and several of us agreed it sounded like a hoot. So, now it's begun, and as I'm second to go on team one (We are "Tastes Great"), it's my go...following cobie himself, who, you know, has been drawing all his damn life. Talk about a tough act to follow!

Still I've got a pretty good idea (in my opinion) which hit me in a flash yesterday, and I think I've figured a way to do it with minimal actual drawing skill needed on my part. I had joked that my page would be all black and I'd say that "the lights suddenly went out!" or something, but I'm not going to do that...not yet, anyway. I could always make the picture a long shot of Earth from space, and claim it's aliens watching us...*L*

So, yeah, this should be interesting. I need some creative outlet, as I don't really have one right now and it's annoying me.

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