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Creativity =/= Skill

So, just sent my page of the comics jam off, making it now an official submission. Now that it is done, how do I feel?

Pretty bland, really.

Creativity, I have in spades. At a moment's notice, I can come up with some of the wildest, craziest, deepest things you can imagine. I can go where eagles dare and bring back a trophy. I can piss pure napalm and shit diamond cufflinks, my brain is a supernova and my mouth an amplifier stack that will blow your sorry ass away. Put a pencil in my hand, and I become a quadriplegic hamster with bad eyesight and a serious case of dementia. I have no idea where to start a drawing, where it goes, or how to make it do what I want. I've wrestled angry animals who were easier to make do what I wanted.

So, story wise, I like what I did. Hell, as soon as I saw the page before mine, I had my writing done. Literally, I looked at it, read it, went "hmm, where can I go from there...OK, got it." Draw it? Oh, fuck me sideways. Two hours I worked on drawing one hand. Still not overly pleased with it.

Realistic, I can't do. I just don't have that kind of visual sense, nor the skill to transfer it to paper. But this is a comic, you say, it doesn't have to be realistic. True. I still don't have that skill. Photos? Sure, a little. Manipulations? All day, bring it on. Music? I'll write you kick-ass lyrics, and can probably make up enough of a tune that you can refine it into greatness. Drawing is just not something I can do. Still, I'm trying, and if all I get out of this is more proof that I can't do it, well, that's fine. I never claimed I could. Hey, some people can draw all day, but can't make up a story to save their lives.

So, either it goes into the thing and I get to sweat out my next time up at bat, or it gets disqualified for the fact that I used Photoshop to digitally make it work, and I relax and see what real sketch artists can come up with. Either way, really.

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