God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Lunatics In The News

Story 1: Police in Schenectady, NY, were working a prostitution sting when they got hold of Wendy Cook. Lemme tell ya, she takes the cake: 37-year-old Wendy Cook's 5-year-old daughter and 8-week-old son were with her as she stayed out all night having sex and doing drugs. Police say at one point Cook even snorted cocaine off the baby's stomach as she was breastfeeding. Because, you know, it wasn't quite bad enough, being a low-rent hooker, driving around all night with your little ones in the car and smoking crack. It's that little extra touch that really makes you stand out.

Story 2: Police arrested a woman at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor International Airport. Apparently, she was late for her plane, and when informed that it was past the cut-off time for that plane and that she was rescheduled for the next flight, she began “yelling and screaming” and running through the terminal, at which point she was arrested for disorderly conduct. Handcuffed, she was taken to a holding room, and 10 minutes later, when they checked in on her, she had somehow managed to strangle herself to death. They think she was trying to manipulate the handcuffs from behind her to the front, got tangled up in the process, and they ended up around her neck area, according to a Phoenix Police Department spokesman. OK, one, I can't figure out this is possible. Two, just like with the jackass at University of Florida, what causes people to be this stupid in this day and age of overly paranoid "security" procedures? I dunno what happened here, and the family (she's a mother of three and comes from a rich, white New York family, so you know you'll hear more about this) has already hired a lawyer to "look into this" (why hire a lawyer, why not a P.I., or someone, anyone, who's qualified to look into something like this, and not a slimy bottom feeder?), so this will probably drag out for years.

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