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Comic Jam

So, in a huge fit of inspiration today, I managed to get my next page in the comic jam rotation done. I'd been working this one over and over in my head for days, trying to figure out exactly what I wanted to do, and finally it hit me how to pull it off.

Unfortunately, the way I had planned didn't work. In the words of our central character: "Well, crap."

Still, I was inspired, now. It had to be done, and dammit, it had to be done now. So, after much time spent working, cursing, and generally fucking around, page 7 of the "Tastes Great" faction's Sketchbook Conspiracy was completed to the mellow sounds of Monster Magnet, Slipknot, and Lollipop Lust Kill...and two days shy of deadline, too. Not too shabby.

What did I learn this time? One, a little grey in the background can make all the difference. Two, something that bugs the shit out of you can go from "problem" to "feature" in the blink of an eye, if you play your cards right. Three, that really is the best hand I've done yet. I'm much happier with this one than the last one, but then, I had a little more involved in this one. Either way, it's good. OK, compared to, say, the rest of the pages, it's mediocre, but, again, I'm not in it to compete, I'm in it for the art. I had a good time with the concept...which brings me to the last thing I've learned in all this: I'm a damn fine writer, and I should focus on that, and let someone else wield the pen. ;)

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