God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Ended up crashing on the couch for another hour or two. Had an odd dream, was in some really bright house with the_woodshed and ainabarad, and all of us were beat-tired, and crashed on the floor. I couldn't sleep well (I'm screwed, even in my dreams, huh?) and kept trying to adjust some radio/heater/thingy. Gave up and went into the kitchen (the other two were gone by this time), where someone in a blue t-shirt and light-blue undies with a fantastic ass was bent over the sink, washing the dishes. I mentioned that I was going to do that later, and sat down. She turned around, we started talking (she looked like a cross between syrinakintari and corachaos, *mrowr*), and at some point, became Asian. I went back towards the main room, where there was a large flower vase, full of chocolate shake (delicious, but was no longer cold), and when I put it down, found some items on the table for me. I picked up a plaid shirt in pink and light-blue, mentioned that it was hideous, and in the pocket, found two sets of keys, one I hadn't had in years, and one that was recent. A note in the pocket implied that they had come from someone at the hospital, but I didn't recognize the initials of the person who wrote the note, nor could I figure out how they'd gotten some old diary page of mine to write the note on. I turned and looked into the bathroom, where the Asian girl was floating about a foot and a half off the floor, and moved like she was trying to balance on something. As I watched, she slowly faded away.

*shrug* My mind is a weird place.

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