God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

So, apartment people scheduled for 1pm today to do the inspection. Then they blew that off and rescheduled for 4pm...meaning I've now wasted my whole Saturday, waiting around for them. Finally showed up, about 4:20.

There's a psir of little blonde kids in the complex who have recently discovered the amusement of knocking on doors and running. I've caught them before, and warned them they need to stay the fuck away from my door.

So, just as she is leaving, I see one fo them running up towards my door, grinning (they never seem to notice that my blinds are open, the lights are on, and I'm, you know, right there watching them). Some of the other kids in the place are with him. As i hear the knock at the door, I see Blondie turn and run, and i all but go through the window screen, barking at them that I'm about to kick someone's ass.

As it turns out, three of the kids actually had a reason to knock on my door, and quite easily ratted out the one who is just in it for the thrill of running away. Since they didn't do anything wrong, threy stood their ground, apologizing for him being a bad kid, so I relaxed, adn actually hung out with them for a good 15 minutes, just chatting, telling them about the various cool things they could see around my room, movies, cartoons, etc. originally, they had wanted to know if they could play with plastic sword on my wall, so I let them check it out (it's just a plastic thing I found around Halloween last year, not valuable).

By the end of it all, I think I've managed to firmly cement in them the fact that I am the cool guy around here, and that I shoudl be left alone by this stupid crap so that I'll continue to let them hang out.

Hey, whatever works. These are pretty good kids.

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