God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Operation: Barn Clean has come to an end. Got out there today, and Erik and I rocked the place to the ground. Cleaned out the front area, got all the patio stuff stored, swept out the back area, and generally turned it into something that doesn't make me go "fucking hell" every time I see it. Got Rose and Crystel both to check it out and give it the seal of approval. Good, stick a fork in it, we're done. Also, that bottle of Brain Wash (Blue) I found out there? Found a bottle of Brain Wash (Red), as well as one of Black Lemonade. Sneaky stuff, man...and all mine, now.

Started the new batch of wine, too. Wildberry Shiraz, again. People seem to like it, though it's a hair on the tart side for may tastes. Still a good month and a half before I feel good opening any port...birthday's comin'!

Speaking of gatherings, looking forward to the next Bad Movie Shindig at jahnji's place this coming weekend. Kinda torn what to take, though. I could always go with odd kung-fu flicks and take Ninja Wars, but there's always Death Race 2000...

Oh, and I absolutely outdid myself on the burgers tonight. I think I've got them perfect, finally.

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