God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Weekend's gone, time to go back to work...oh, wait, I don't have a job, never mind.

Pretty slow weekend, actually. Had my Saturday morning CoV game, which was only sparsely attended since cobie had things to get done, chaosreality had some connection issues, avantard was just returning form Hong Kong, and some others didn't make it at all. With only foomf and I left, we called it a day. Got a little fun in, that afternoon, and eased through the day.

Sunday, opted not to go the farm, because I had nothing that needed doing with the wine, and I didn't feel like sitting around half the day, bored with the TV up too loud. Instead, I spent most of the day, sitting around my own place, waiting for the deal I was working on to go through, while trying to rip VCDs to MPG. I have a bunch of these around from before I had a DVD burner, and I've replaced my DVD player since then, which will not play them. Luckily, I found a very easy way to rip them (VCDGear, works like a charm), and so set about getting them to MPG so I can re-burn as DVD. Unfortunately, one of them was being an absolute bitch-hog about ripping, and wouldn't do anything. Amusingly enough, it's old porn (Alice in Wonderland, with Kristine Bell, who I'm sure wishes she could forget she made this), and dammit, it's too funny to lose. cobie suggested I try to re-download it, and though I feared I'd not find it, I did...which meant re-installing BitTorrent. I've not BT'ed anything for almost 2 years! Anyway, he was so amused by the sound of it that he had to see it himself, so I can now brag that I convinced a gay man to download straight porn, I suppose. Anyway, that got me looking, and I managed to snag a new copy of both Deep Throat and Behind the Green Door, neither of which Di has ever seen. Hey, they're classics.

Oh, and lest ye think I'm just hoarding porn, the rest of the discs were just bad movies, and some old BBC comedy...except for Debbie Does Dallas. ;)

Oh, and that deal I was waiting on? Made it happen, and I'm damn happy about it. You non-CoH players won't understand or care, but for those few who'll get it, I managed to trade a level 27 Regenerative Tissue: +Regen Unique IO and 5 mil influence for a pre-order Crab Spider Helmet code. hey, the cash is nothing, the IO, I wasn't using right now anyway, but the helmet...not only is it damn swank, the chances of an unused code like that, 2 years later, are tiny! No way I was passing that up. Thanks rogh_sensei!

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