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Weddings? I Do That.

Well, the wedding went fine, not that I was worried. A very small affair (including kids, maybe 15 people, total...that's including the bridal party!), very informal and friendly. Typically, performing or just attending, weddings bore me to tears, because, let's face it, they tend toward the long, droning, and uncomfortable, followed by the pointlessly boring. This was such a small group, it was easy to just relax, and everyone was a lot of fun. Think we may have even made a few new friends, or at least acquaintances, which is nice, because Di and I have lamented, more than once, on the difficulty of making new friends. Either they are into similar things but much younger and thus, hard to really relate to; or they're our age but boring; or they don't live anywhere near by.

Anyway, for such a short ceremony that I, for the most part, made up in the shower that morning, it went over wonderfully. Only one tiny snag, which I covered without being noticed and fixed later in a way that was even better than it would have been. Lori gave me a blessing they wanted at the end of the ceremony, and I, uh, forgot to say it. I figured, later on, I'd offer a toast and say it then, but since Josh (Lori's son) was acting as "best man" and thus should give the toast, I pulled him aside and mentioned that, since he had no idea what to do or say, that this (pulling out the blessing) would not only be perfect, but would probably reduce his mom to tears of happiness. He stumbled through it (public speaking not his forte), but did great and it was a nice touch.

Anyway, much thanks to lirrin and her husband for offering their lovely home as a place to make this all happen (hope to see you guys again!), and kudos to Scott for the amazing cake...good freakin' elder god on a pogo, that cake was made of pure win and frosted with a mix of awesome and asskick (and he and his partner Brandon were entirely too cool, hope to see them again, too). I'm sure Di or Lori, one, will post pix, so, you'll have to check it out when they do.

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