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So, right, my birthday is in 2 weeks. The holiday is past and the next one is a month away, so I'm going ahead with my standard, I-ask-for-it-every-year present. So, for those that weren't around or who forgot, here go:

Rock Out For Frank's Birthday - Send me pix of you rockin'. Throw the horns with vigor and vim and record it in honor of the day the skies darkened, the thunder crashed, the lightning split the Earth asunder, and my human form was set upon the land to cause chaos.

Get pix alone. Drag a friend into the shot. Drag several. Find famous people to rock with you. Make strangers rock with you. Get naked. Be unseen. Impress me, scare me, amuse me. Take one pic. Take several. Make a video. Add a sign telling me how great you think I am...or don't. It really doesn't matter. All I ask is that you just show me some love and rock.

Others have joined the fun. be a part of it and make my birthday rock.

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