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I Don't Need Drugs...I'm High On Strife.

which ferret-type do you think that you are? Clickhere
to find out!!

I Will Die of Natural Causes.
Your choice of life style has enabled you to live a nice long life.. To eventually die of a stroke, or was it a heart attack.. Either way you out lived just about anyone that gave a shit about you anyway.. Congrats

Find out how you will die, Take the Death Quiz now!

Which 80's tv toon are YOU? | made by kt of p-e.org.

Which John Cusack Are You?

Kurt Wagner
I'm Kurt Wagner
What X-Men Character are You?
Mein Gott! You are Kurt Wagner, the fuzzy blue elf with that adorable accent. Sure, you may look like a demon, but you've got a heart of gold and are always looking to make others happy, even if it means playing all sorts of devilish tricks on them. You have a soft spot for the ladies and tend to be a bit of a ladies' elf. Quite the charmer,nein?

Hey, pat yourself on the back, you're well-balanced....you bloody overacheiver. You think you're just so perfect, don't you--don't you?! Cocky bastard! Um....yeah. Okay, so you're neither high-maintenance nor low-maintenance, but somewhere in between. Basically that means you bitch about the important things and let the little things slide. Go you. Perfectionist whore.

Take the "Are you High-Maintenance?" quiz by Rez/Sanagi no Yume

Which Chess Piece Are You?

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