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Yeah, there's a switch, huh? Feeling pretty good, actually.

- Good times hanging out with chaosreality last night
- Had several Cap'n'Cokes last night, which was nice because I haven't really had anything to drink for weeks
- Multiple incredible bouts of sex
- Got some money back form the doctor, who discovered that I'd overpaid them at some point
- Lowered my CPU running temp by another ten degrees...amazing what cleaning the bitch out will do for you
- Di had a lot of overtime on her last check, so i was able to get a SHITLOAD of stuff out of my pull box at the comic shop
- Finally got my new Grendel shirt, which I love
- Headed to jyanji's place for a movie night tonight, and making my Unstoppable Pretzels as a snack
- trying to plan for a Bad Movies And Booze Night of my own, both for fun and for my birthday
- have a plan for a new CoH character, which I think will end up pretty fun

All in all, it's a damn good day. Even with my hip/knee pain, which is, really, my own fault. ;)

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