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Snagged this screenpic a couple nights ago, running in City of Heroes with friends. We've had these characters for a while now, but never got a good picture.

The Viridian Guard

(back row) Princess Nia (cobie), Maximum Jade (avantard), Keiri Hau (curlybrace)
(front) Brainhammer (archmage)

There's a few more members (foomf's Knalgroene, bryce's Scarab Blade and chaosreality's Defiant Legacy), and one day we'll get a full team shot. Anyway, think the "Green Lantern Corps" and you're pretty close to the mark. Got started due to the backstory of a different toon of cobie's, 'Emerald Gauntlet', which was done for a whole Justice League tribute group. Hell, we even did our best to have all our powers be as green-themed as possible, hence my huge glowing hammer.

And yes, I know viridian is actually blue-green. I didn't name it. ;)

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