God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

So, this evening, Di gave me one of my presents early (a DVD of Satan in High Heels...I loves me bad exploitation flicks!). As we sat watching it, I mentioned that, since I'd rearranged the main room, the lighting was worse than before (we'd talked about this in the past). In a spurt of inspiration, we opted to go get a new floor lamp.

OK, so we look around, find one we like (torchiere style with the extra reading lamp built onto it), and I snagged a new one for my desk, since the old one died recently. A little extra shopping, and home we went. Film in, sound up, unpack and start assembling the thing. An hour later, I was ready to kill someone or something, as part of it just wouldn't work. In the end, we took it back and discovered that yes, part of it was broken, and the new one we traded for is fine...but, damn, what are the odds I'd grab the defective one. I swear, I just have a knack for finding the one that will give me the most trouble.

Anyway, I decided I'd had enough for one day, and kicked back to laugh at my new film with a bottle of tequila (thank you ever so much, petalla!). Tomorrow, phase two of The Great Lamp Swap, as I take the one temporarily on my desk and replace it with the new one, then take that temp lamp upstairs and put it by the bed, then take the one clamped on my bed and...put it somewhere else, along with the one that used to be by the couch and is now redundant.

I need to learn to stay calm. *twitch*

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