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Friday Pix

This is the last one before Chri$tmas, bet you thought I'd do a Xmas Edition Friday Pix, didn't ya? Wrong, you get enough of that crap everywhere else.

Darth Vader's Grandmother

And you thought normal taxis drove fast...

When Kirk said he was "boldly going where no man had gone before"...he meant it.

Baby Eel

Just not the same impact as a bed of nails.

Dancing for joy? Probably not.

"No, really, we're all very sorry he's dead..."

Sometimes, you gotta go for it.

The child of Bruce Lee and Gallagher

When even God points out that you should blow your nose, it must be pretty bad.

Great kids

OOPS, he died.

Rural Television: Serious Business

Outtake from Maximum Overdrive, deemed too silly

Long ride home

Addiction is an ugly thing

I think we know what kind of car this guy likes.

cobie, why can I imagine you driving this?

Go big or go home.

You got implants for the tits of your tattoo...riiiiiight....

When your secretary says that work has her tied in knots...

This man watches you.

Enough , enough, I have things to do, ands so do you. Don't knock yourselves out this weekend, trying to get that last-minute shopping in!


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