God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Well, I know all of you are just on the edge of your SEATS to know how the lamp thing went. I could say it went fine" but that would be a partial fib. It went mostly fine. I did tear up part of my desk at one point, but I fixed it. Anyway, the new desk lamp is gonna work fine, the temp lamp fits in at the bedside great, and now I have two extra lamps.

Di ended up with a lot of over-time on this check, so we opted to treat ourselves to a really nice dinner for a change, and hit the local Japanese restaurant. Man, that place does some incredible food. We ate like kings and didn't bat an eyelash. Several packages have been arriving lately, and since the actual day of Xmas doesn't matter much to us, she went ahead and gave me stuff that was mine. She got me Rik Mayall's biography, which looks to be a screaming riot (actually, I think it's half-bio, half-bullshit, which is perfect), and the complete series of Bottom...which I know she wants to watch and is the impetus, I suspect, for why i got it early. ;)

Hung out with Aaron for a while, laughed like a bunch of loons, and off to bed. Gotta get the oil changed in the car, gotta hit the store for a few things, plan on cleaning out my box at the comic shop, and then, I'm diving back into the City.

Speaking of cities, I'm hitting all of those in the comments to the previous post. Mine is growing nicely!

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