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Friday Pix

Xmas is the past, New Year's is the future, Friday Pix is the NOW, baby.

Big man, little dog

Parenting 101: Don't do this.

WAY too cool

Best not to ask

Their happiness was to be short-lived...

That's a ton of people.

Best friends forever

Disco Toilet!

If he's afraid of it, I don't wanna see it.


Any one you can walk away from, right?

Oh, shit.

"Are those for me?!?"

Before and after the Celestial Crayons were used.

Windy? Not so you'd notice.


Brave and alert security guards

"Can a human body bend like that?"

"The good news is that I figured out your plumbing blockage."

Once the wedding was over...

Now, THAT'S a well-stocked store.


OK, y'all. Hang in there, the big holiday season is almost over, and things can go back to 'normal.' Have a good weekend!

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