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My apartments have a pair of dumpsters in a little covered shed. Beside it are three, count 'em THREE trash bins for various recyclables. And yet, with all this availability, I'm constantly bothered by stuff i see left out in the open, around the area, especially behind the shed, as if no one will see it there.

Now, a lot of the time, this is littered with various large kids' toys, things to ride on in garish colors and whatnot. Some of that I'm betting is just sorta stored there by the neighb' kids. Today, though, two twin-bed box springs and a king-sized mattress. Stacked up neatly. Laying on the dirt and mud, soaked and grimy. OK, so maybe they are too big to fit in the dumpsters full of garbage...so, you bite the bullet, you take them to the city dump, and you pay the fucking dump charge. You just paid for new mattresses, you can pay a few more dollars to NOT have my 'hood looking like the damn ghetto.

If I find out who those belonged to, I swear I'll go, under cover of darkness, and pile them in front of their doors. And I'll continue to do it until they actually dispose of them in the proper manner.

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