God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

From the "Aww, Your Poor Babies" Department: According to reports, NBC will not be broadcasting the big Golden Globes show as planned for January 13th. Instead, a stripped down news telecast will be aired exclusively by NBC News from the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, site of what was supposed to be the big show, where the Hollywood Foreign Press Association will announce the Golden Globe winners who won't be present in the room. Me, I say "huzzah!" Enough with the fucking hero worship that this country (and really, the world) does, drooling over every little thing celebrities do. One less award show is a damn good start. Seriously, who needs to watch three hours of celebrities showing off how much money they make? Fuck 'em.

From the "Let's Rethink This" Department: OK, we all know I dislike Disney. Not being a fan of ice skating, I just sneer every time they do another damn "Disney on Ice" show, since they seem to me to be completely unrelated and annoying...almost as annoying as all the fully-grown people who still worship at the grand altars of the Cult of the Mouse. However, you might join me in my pop-eyed stare on this latest one, "Nemo on Ice." Ignoring the 'frozen fish' jokes for a moment, you gotta wonder if anyone on the costuming squad ever stopped to think about the necessity of fishy cameltoe, googly-eyed tits, and double-donged clams. I mean, seriously, someone HAD to say "Uh, are we sure we want them to look this way?" The extra video clip only confirms my ranting about it's uselessness.

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