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Tata Motors Unveils the World's Cheapest Car - The Nano will have lighter steel and innovative distribution. It's a complete four-door car with a 623-cc gas engine, gets 50 miles to the gallon, and seats up to five. It meets domestic emissions norms and will soon comply with European standards. It's 8% smaller in outer length than its closest rival, Suzuki's Maruti 800, but has 21% more volume inside. And at $2,500 before taxes (value-added taxes increase the price by about $300), it is the most inexpensive car in the world. Finally, the distribution of the car will also be an innovation. Just like a bicycle, it will be sold in kits that are distributed and serviced by the entrepreneurs who will assemble it for the consumer. The Nano basic will sell for $2,500, but there will be many versions of it, including an air-conditioned one, and prices could go up to $4,000, still less than the Maruti 800, until now the world's cheapest car at $4,810. And it will be customized for overseas markets and exported.

So, a car that seats 5, gets 50 miles a gallon, and sells for under five grand. Hmm. Now, if we could just break people's fascination with giant SUVs.

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