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Friday Pix

It's that time again. Time for me to put my ranting and raving aside and bring you a bit of a goofy grin for your Friday!

About as "green" as a car can go

Knight Rider?

Somehow, I don't see this going over well on Broadway...or maybe it will, I dunno anymore.

That's....well, that's a lotta toilets.

Trailer P'Art Deco

You know, I never wondered how they operate on horses, before. This is just nifty.

"I HUNGER...but I'm also a cake." The old skool arcade geek in me is very pleased.

This week's installment of "Wish I Was There." Bali, for those that are curious.

Well, that's one way to make applesauce.

Even aged, the Valkyries never give up their swords.

"OK, guys, keep it quiet...wait for my signal..."

Nude chicks in a hot tub!

LEGO™ Predator bust

Damn big fish

"Taking it in the ass" just took on a whole new meaning for this guy.

Bonus "wish I was there" pic.

Oh, shit.

Too Damn Adorable Pic-of-the-Week

Looks like a scene from a 'pod people' flick.

Small town/oasis

Wow, real fake watches!

Shish Car-Bab!

Even at an early age, he was pissing money away.

And that brings us to the end for another week. Me, I'll be in my game a lot this weekend, so if you need me, you know where to find me. Have a good weekend!


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