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Lucas Falls...Again

I grew up in the era of the original Star Wars. '77, I was 4, and it was just the greatest thing I'd ever experienced. My childhood years were dominated by the Trilogy, and it was a wonderful thing. I remember the days when the discussions of whether or not Vader was truly Luke's father would go on...between adults, even...for days. They wasn't just more films to be rushed out, soaking up the "wow, lookit the pretty colors" cash and disappearing, they were a cultural phenomenon.

So, yeah, when the second set of films came out, I was bound to be a little disappointed. How could they ever live up to the position that those first films had in my mind? Still, knowing this, they just fell so short. They felt like pale shadows of their predecessors, trading in substance for style and fluff. It seemed like George Lucas had given up on his artistic vision and decided to simply cash in, even though he was already a household name and his creations had stood the test of time. Each time I hear about something new in the Star Wars universe, I hope against hope that he'll redeem his image in my eyes, that he'll say "You know, I've got the money and fame, I can afford to actually do the work on this and make something more than just another cheap knock-off, trend-whore chapter to the saga of my selling out."

George, you utter, utter bastard. *sigh*

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