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Long Night, But Not A Bad One

Spent yesterday doing exactly what I said I would...playing Silent Hill 2 (which I beat...not as good as the first, but fucking excellent anyway!). Misjudged some other plans, which wil happen today, it seems. Spent the rest of the evening in mindless Net surfing, waiting to see how long it would take the house full of people that showed up to actually bother saying hello to me (an hour and a half, in case you are interested).

Talked a lot with Dianna about our situation. Gathering information, filing reports, making plans...more on that as things are more concrete. And, believe me, they are solidifying fast.

Went to bed about 12:30-ish...woke up at 2:30 to Di calling me (didn't mind THAT obviously, but I'm afraid I may have been less than a great conversationalist), went back to bed about 3, woke up at 4:45 to my cell phone claiming I had voicemail (which DI sent me BEFORE she called...um, ok), went back to bed, awake again at 7:30 (no good reason, so fuck it), and back awake at 10:30.

Fuck it...I need food. Amongst other things I need, which are longer reaching, and not as easily procureable, I need food.

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