God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Ramblin' Gamblin' Mage: Day 4

Not much to report. Spent most of the day working on Frank's plumbing, which Doug was able to pretty much finish. We'd have done the bathroom floor, too, but we discovered that there are a couple of spots in the floors, and they decided to check on the necessity of leveling the house before doing anything else. This was just as well, since it was getting late...so late, that the car place had closed, and never called Doug to talk about his truck. The problem here is that they had his keys.

I should back up. We took Doug's truck to check on the oil pump issue, which might turn out to be the sending unit, no one knows. I drive Felicia's car, following Doug. Afterward, we go to get food, and then realized Doug has left something behind, and have to go back one more time. Still, all is well, and we head to work...but as stated, they close up shop with his keys, so we cannot now get back into the house. We end up driving clear out to Felicia's folks' place (where she's doing laundry) to get the keys. Sheesh. As long as we were out, Doug drove me around the area, showing off some of the sights. I'll actually take my camera along this weekend and get some pix, but I didn't have it with me, then.

One thing I missed about the South was the thunderstorms. See, in the NorthWest, it rains a lot, but it's almost alwasy boring. Not very heavy or impressive, just wet. Yesterday, though, we had huge winds and pouring rain, and it was just nice to experience again.

I had a different experience, though, that was not so impressive. I was subjected to saw my very first episode of 'Flavor of Love,' that stupid-ass reality show with Flavor Flav. Now, I'm an old-school fan of Flav, but, Christ, how can anyone watch this useless bullshit? Buncha ghetto-ass useless-waste-of-oxygen bimbos who need to be set on fire. Seriously, I simply cannot fathom why anyone watches this crap. I saw no entertainment value in it, and only wanted to bash everyone involved in the face with a shovel.

Oh, and for those of you playing along at home: I've been issued a verbal apology by the Chief of Police, and once the investigation into this is over, I should actually get the written one. Apparently, Doug's family name really does have some clout. Now, I'm told that this state has a law that says you must be frisked by a member of the same gender, but I was frisked by a woman. Doesn't phase me, really, but it could make this whole brouhaha even funnier, in the end.

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