God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Ramblin' Gamblin; Mage: Day 9

Helped Doug take out an air conditioner at his folks' place, then headed back to Surfside Beach for the St. Pat's Day festivities. On the upside, it was a big bunch of people in a good mood, and we kicked back, had a few beers, and generally had a blast. On the downside, Felicia kinda went psycho (things have not been perfect lately) and stormed off for home, drunk, after making some really, really inane accusations.

Anyway, Doug and I ended up cruising the beach for a bit, saw a couple friends of us, and relaxing. When we got home, the shit really hit the fan. She had tried to call, but Doug's phone did not get the call due to coverage issues...well, you can imagine how that went. In the end, she left (had a party she was attending), and it looks like it is over between them. We'll see, she and her family left for a trip to Missouri this morning, and she'll be gone a week, so they may work things out, somewhat, when she returns, but I dunno. It might be best if they just left it at that.

Gonna head out in a bit and get some pix of the area, so maybe I'll have something to show off when I get home. For now, though, gotta go stretch out, my back is killin' me.

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